Shanti´s HDD - R.I.P

Crashed HDD


On this Page i (Shanti) will tell you the Story about an HDD.
This HDD i mean are called "Liebling's HDD". At the beginning of her Life, she build into an IBM-PC
with a Pentium(r) 2 CPU. Years later she crashed heavy ! I t hinked, "Oh Fuck, not yet.".
I don't have the Money for a new HDD, also i LLF (Low Level Format) the Disk.
So i continued using this HDD. Then Murphy added a Transport-Damage. Crap.
I thinked :"Not with me Murphy !". I reformat the Drive and using it anyway.
Then came Tobias. We maked a Deal. He gives me a Socket-7 Board and i gives him the
HDD. The Deal was OK, because the Board has an defect BIOS. He think the complete Board is destructed.
don't tested it yet. I said him : "The Drive crash in 4 Month !".
He says : "That OK, the Board is destructed, i think.".
Exact 4 Month later, the Drive crashed again, how i said.
He loses his Website, some Stuff and many more. This stupid Guy doesn't have any
Backups ! The lose of his Website takes him near the Suicid. The work of a half Year (!) is lose !
He think : "Suck my Dick Murphy. I reconstruct this fucking HDD !" He tries to LLF (Low Level Format) the HDD,
but the Tool he used say "This Drive is to damaged. LLF not possible."
He cry something that i will not repeat. So the Drive has now the Label : "Liebling's HDD - R.I.P".
This is a true Story, mail me if you want a Picture of the HDD.
The HDD about i tell, is a Western Digital(tm) Drive, Type "Caviar" (AC24300-00LC). Tobias is the Guy, who also made this Site.