TimeSnake Resource Management - Thoughts of Development
version 0.1 by Shanti <rightintothesun@uboot.com> Tue, 27-Aug-2002 8:53
In this file I will try to describe my idea of the TimeSnake Resource Management

Resource Concept
     Resources are generally two things
     1. Art (textures, sounds, etc), which is Read-Only
     2. a world file which glues this together to an complete game world
     both are always mapped into memory, while the world file is always changing
     to describe the current state of the world.
     The Art is in one single file which is updated by something like a resource compiler
     The distributen of new art will be done in packages which should be registered by a
     website; the arts these packages should have a logical depency
     (i.e. Samurai set with sword modells, 3D Samurai modells, etc)

Needed Programs:
     Resource Compiler
     which is able create, extract, update, merge Artfiles
     (a little bit like blizzards mpq format)

Needed Modules:
     Resource Module
     A Module, which is handling the access to artfile
     from 3D-engine, Sound Module, etc.

     Its also manageging the world file
     (maybe a second independent module)