The Story behind the TimeSnake Project
written by Shanti


Someday I sat hacking on my computer (I was playing Nethack),
I soon get really messed up - Why I have to bother with ASCII-monsters, if my graphics could do some million triangles instead;
why do I have to die every ten minutes, just because I wanted to have a "deep" gameplay;

Okay, Nethack is to "deep" for me (but hey, its a cool game anyway)

My next try was Diablo and, you guessed, I get messed up:
Grafics: Okay, it has grafic, but 16-directions-pseudo3D @ 256 colors is maybe not you want.
Gameplay: Its something called Hack'n'Slay;
you are moving around killing Monsters to get expirence and better weapons
(and this is not very basicly)

Next try: Half-Life
grafics: At this time, nearly High-End;
but, trying this on a PI or even in Multiplayer was getting me, alright, messed up.

So is there nobody out there, who wants:

1. An easy to learn Game which is
2. playable on nearly every Computer with
3. 3D graphics without
4. lags, even
5. in Multiplayer.
6. An all this with a game depth, which is concurrent to your real-life.

Okay, great words spoken from this little crazy guy;
But what is done?
"Nothing" would be demotivating...