TimeSnake: State of developing
Version 0.1 ( Tuesday, 27-Aug-2002 8:57 )
written by Shanti <rightintothesun@uboot.com>
  1. Modules :

    The TimeSnake Itself + Task Managment (core) :
    partly implented, currently the only more or less working thing (no tests are done)
    Graphics Engine
    Currently only text-based output for testing availble
    So we need, maybe in coop with other projects, to code our own.
    the plans are going to use OpenGL® (or, if properly implented by Mesa, Direct3D®).
    anyway, it has to be highly intergrated into the core because of our objective to keep framerate constant high.
    AI Module
    AI Module? ya, right, we need one, soon
    the plans are going to either coding an interface for an script language
    or to writing it all directly into source (maybe a separeted library)
    Resource Management
    not existing, currently
    for further information see TimeSnake Resource Managment
    Network Module
    not existing, yet
    for further information see TimeSnake Networking
    Sound Module
    not in near future
  2. Other Task
    we badly need any resources (graphics, sounds, ANYTHING) to
    test the Resource Management and of course for Dragon Fly
    (what is an engine without a game?)
    CRUSH - CRacked User SHell
    management console mainly for debugging & testing.
    nothing done...
    ISClib - Impossible Stream Compression Library
    see SourceForge project
  3. Far future
    - Running TimeSnake on clusters
    - Raytracing graphics
  4. Additional Information in these Documents :
    TimeSnake Resource Management

For any questions, spam or
just for tellin' me how stupid TimeSnake is mail me: Shanti <rightintothesun@uboot.com>